Faculty members can rectify the attendance and CA component(s) through an online system of rectification.
We can add UMS Navigation menu items in Quick links for fast and quick access. (Staff members only)
The Network Backbone of Lovely Professional University is already 10G ready.
Logout Option in UMS should be used to close the current Session. This helps keeping privacy and avoids any unauthorized access of UMS Account.
Lovely Professional University has more than 1000 Wi-Fi access point installation(s) for intranet and internet access.
Lovely Professional University has 70 Km of fibre optic cable throughout the campus which acts as a backbone for the network.
Lovely Professional University has got 600 Mbps of bandwidth from multiple vendors.
Secured Socket Layer (SSL) is deployed on UMS for secured transactions and encrypted data transmission for the complete session of the user.
University Management System requires every user to change his/her password after every 30 days.
Lovely Professional University is a member of Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) Academic Alliance.
Faculty Members and Students can change their respective UMS and Wi-Fi Password from UMS Menu.
Staff members can check their Leave Record in UMS from UMS Navigation – Leave Details – Leave Record.
Students can view their seating plan for Mid Term and End Term Examination on UMS.
Faculty members can upload the marks of the assignments through online and offline mode in UMS.
University Management System is accessed by more than 24000 (distinct users) in a day.
Lovely Professional University is using Virtualization in Data Centre from VMWare for consolidation of multiple servers and running legacy applications.
Lovely Professional University is using 35+ servers and 136 TB of storage for CCTV, Database, FTP, Backup etc.




University just opened the New Gymnasium in its campus. The facility that is truly world class with latest equipment from US and Sauna and Steam facility. Sound Body has Sound Mind…. Practice this at LPU

LPU admissions 2013

LPU admissions 2013

Have you reserved your seat at LPU? Remember, a last few days are left to apply at LPU under its scholarship scheme. Don’t miss this opportunity as you can avail scholarships upto INR 5 lakhs till 31st of July.

For more info call us at 01824-404404


Festivity to extend a warm and heartfelt welcome to the nascent members entering the world of ‪#‎LPU‬, as you travel into a new, exciting and enlightening sphere of life. We will indulge you in a 10 days gala of fun and a platform to know your ‪#‎university‬, to feel the culture and to submerge into the diversity.

For more info visit http://www.lpu.in/induction2013/